Well Intelligence Enterprise Corporation ( WIC ) was founded 1990 in Taichung, Taiwan.
WIC is the supplier and distributor of ferrous heat treating atmosphere analyzing and control devices, and WIC has been the local market leader in carbon controls since the oxygen probe was first introduced.
With our service, expertise and more than 2 decades of experience, WIC has earned the trust from the majority of heat treating related businesses.

From 2009, we started to work with the manufacturer in order to expand the overseas market in heat treating furnace. The furnaces have been widely used in Taiwan and East Asia, including China, Japan, Thailand, Myanmar, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia and Australia. With advanced atmosphere controls, we have confidence to satisfy your needs:

"GOOD PEFORMANCE, HIGH QUALITY, and COMPETITIVE PRICE" of Taiwan-made heat treating furnaces!

Received Training and Certificates

  • (April 18, 1984) Proceedings of auto-parts heat treating techniques. Held by The Taiwan Society for Metal Heat Treatment.
  • (May 12~13, 2008) Steel surface hardening: the selection of material, processing and problem investigation. Held by Metal Industries Research & Development Centre.
  • (Oct. 22, 2008) Furnace Doctor Calibrations. Authorized by Furnace Control Corp.
  • (Dec. 1, 2008) Calibrating FPG 1.0. Certificated by MESA Electronic GmbH.
  • (June 6, 2009) Technician Certificate: class C skill category of Heat Treatment. Issued y Council of Labor Affairs, Executive Yuan.
  • (June 2 ~ Sep. 29, 2010) The property and practical selection of metal material. Held by Feng Chia University Extension.
  • (July 8, 2010) Technician Certificate: class B skill category of Carburizing and Nitriding Processes. Issued by Council of Labor Affairs, Executive Yuan.
  • (June 23, 2011) Special Process: Heat Treat System Assessment (AIAG HTSA CQI-9) Training. Issued by Metal Industries Research & Development Centre.